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  • Safety & Quality

    Safety First

    1. Perform a thorough walk through of the site. Identify and assess any workplace hazards and notify anything that may be
      considered unsafe.
    2. Train all personnel in work-site safety and operating procedure.
    3. Identify and mark any hazardous materials. Post precautions for handling nearby. Make sure there is an MSDS for all
      potentially hazardous chemicals/materials.
    4. Inspect equipment to be sure it is working properly. Be on the lookout for unusual noises and jerky movements. Report
      any problems immediately and do not operate the machinery until repairs have been made.
    5. Use harnesses and other safety equipment when performing roof work or working on scaffolds. Standard personal fall
      arrest systems (PFAS) incorporate three primary components, commonly referred to as the ABC’s of fall protection. These include: the
      anchorage connector, body support and connecting device.
    6. Provide personal protective equipment to all employees, including hard hats, safety goggles and boots, work gloves, ear plugs
      (or another form of protection) and face masks as per applicability.
    7. Follow all recommendations and mandates from occupational health and safety inspectors.
    8. Prepare for emergencies. Operators and site workers should know what to do in case of electrical, mechanical, power
      failures, or injuries.
    9. Protect the public by barricading the construction site during work hours. After working hours, lock all points of
    10. Submit Project Safety Plan to Clients and Obtian Comments and Approval.
    11. Use of Proper and Adequate Ppe Without Exception.
    12. Regular Tool Box Meeting and Pep Talk for Awareness.
    13. Reward Program on Monthly Basis to Encourage Compliances, Penal Action for Violations.
    14. Zero Tolerance on Safety Violations.
    15. Use of Safety Net at Two Levels While Working on Superstructure for Fall Arrest.
    16. Job Hazard Analysis and Implementation of Safety Measures as Per the Recommendation.
    17. Use of Third Party Safety Audit – Periodically.
    18. Top Management Review and Improve on the Safety Parameters.
    19. Strictly Implementation of Work Methods, Ensuring Inbuilt Safety Measures.


    1. Quality Assurance: The primary function of quality assurance is to obtain completed construction that meets all
      contract requirements. Assurance is defined as a degree of certainty. Quality assurance personnel continually assure–or make certain–
      that the contractor’s work complies with contract requirements.
    2. Develop and implement the quality control methods to determine the proper controlling of construction activities, examine ongoing and
      completed work.
    3. Ensures quality, functioning and standard conformity of materials, equipment and systems.
    4. Makes sure that regulations are followed.
    5. Prepare the Project Quality Plan (PQP) and obtain the comments and approvals from Clients.
    6. Quality Awareness campaign and training, Plans for Award and Appreciation for good quality practices.
    7. Check and review documents like GFC, Submittals, test reports etc.
    8. Check the quality of materials as per specification and rejection if not complying, check the workmanship and process etc.
    9. Pour cards and quality checks before concrete, during and post concrete activities, use of proper checklist for all activities.
    10. Maintain records of all the checklist and test reports for future reference and certification.
    11. Prepare the inspection and test plan and inspection and test to be carried as per the same.
    12. Regular Housekeeping and Stacking of Materials as Per the Instructions.




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